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About Me

For the past year I have been selling my teacher lessons, power points, and newly created thematic units online at Teachers Pay Teachers and also at Teachers Notebook .

I figured I would add a blog just in case anyone was trying to find me. Also my email is: cityteachergoescountry@hotmail.com.

I taught in a very large Texas city for 9 years. I then was blessed with my first child and built a house out in the country on acreage during those pregnancy months. Then 5 days before dear son #1 was born, we moved into the "done enough" house.

Flash forward - Here it is now 2014. I have 2 boys now and have been a stay at home mom for 5 years. During this time I have begun making Preschool/Kindergarten Thematic Units for my boys to do at home with me. I had friends ask about the lessons I created. That got me thinking about selling them. So after months of adding things to those teacher sites, here I am.

"City Teacher Goes County", that is me. A city girl that also loves the country. I'm quite the mix of them both. I love my country view especially in the spring, but I also need the "big city fix" to do a  little Target shopping.

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