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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oregon Trail - Letter O

I know this is NOT the normal type of Letter O Unit you would typically do with the preschool/kindergarten age kid. But my 5 year old (who starts Kinder in the fall) somehow got on a pioneer kick. He kept asking lots of questions about wagons, wagon trains, pioneers, etc. So I ended up making a little unit for me to do with my boys. Here it is. I normally sell these on TPT or TN, but if you are here checking out my blog, you get it for FREE. Click on the link and it will take you to "dropbox" to download. Enjoy!! Click  here for the link to dropbox. :)

One thing that I used with my boys when I taught them about the Oregon Trail was that I made a powerpoint of different pictures and maps. Oregon Trail Powerpoint This was so they could see real pictures, maps, the ruts the wheels made, and overall get a feel of the journey.

I also read my boys the book Pioneer Cat by William Hooks to go along with this unit. Then since I was at it, I went ahead and made a Guided Reading unit and lessons that could be used when I go back to teaching. This book could be used with higher 1st, 2nd grade, or lower 3rd graders.

Pioneer Cat Guided Reading Lessons

Since I was on an Oregon Trail kick, I ended up making a loop game or "I Have, Who Has" game which is good for reviewing facts and vocabulary. Loop Game.

****I found another FREEBIE online (click here). This is a board game that has cards that children answer questions they learned. This game can be played as a review.  *****

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