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Monday, June 10, 2013

Chore Chart

After seeing a flood of different chore chart ideas on pinterest I decided I would make one for my boys (ages 3 1/2 and 5) that was age appropriate for them. I came up with the following chart.

The yellow one was better, the red one was my first attempt. Notice my chees-ey pick up toys in the house. I drew a house around the box of toys.

I made it one night and my older son was so excited about it he wanted it do it right then and there. Like, he woke me up at the crack of dawn and was already dressed because he wanted to close the little door. Unfortunately, I hadn't thought it all the way through. I needed a way to close them. Here was round one until I was able to go to Walmart and get some magnets to close them. I used paper clips.
The chart is on the side of the refrigerator so the magnets help close them. I also used a ton of sticky tack on the back to hold the chart up. Those little magnets can get heavy.

1 colored file folder. I folded it horizontal and then cut the desired about of slits to make doors.
2. Random clipart to go with your chosen chores. I just googled a bunch and printed them out.
3. Glue the clipart on and write the chore names.
4. Magnets to close it when done.

I used chores they need to do every day (in sequential order). They do these a "part of their family responsibilities". I will often give them other chores where they can earn money. FYI.

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