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Friday, June 21, 2013

Letter Q - Quarters

Letter Q- Quarters

This week I pulled out the Letter Q (Quarters Thematic Unit). We have had a bunch going on so it has been about a week since we have done "mommy preschool". They were so excited...or maybe it was because we were talking about money. Plus quarters is more fun than quilt or queen.

I began the unit talking about quarters, showing the different ones, blah, blah, blah. All that introductory stuff.
My 5 year old looked at my stack of papers and pulled out the letter Q and ? sheet you see below. He wanted to do those. I told them that was a special "after nap" art project. So while little one slept, I taught him about question marks. He did knew that they were "mystery marks". That was thanks again to some tv show. So who said tv was bad??

So after 3 yr old woke up and then a quick dip in the pool (hey, it was already 90 degrees here) it was art project time. I got out the watercolor paint and Q-tips (see letter Q tied in). The youngest got to q-tip paint the letter Q and the older got the "Q"uestion Mark. Notice their two different ways of painting.

They LOVED it!! I guess I am a bad mommy because they acted like they had never seen paint before. Ok, so maybe it has been so long ago, that their little brains just don't remember it. They did those pages. Then they asked for more. So I printed the quarter coloring pages out from the unit. This kept them busy as I began dinner. Then they came in begging for more. Since, I was low on ink and didn't want to mess with changing an ink cartridge, they got pages out of a coloring book and I got to finish making dinner in peace.

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