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Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorizing Your Address and Phone Number

One of the things on our pediatrician 5 yr well checklist was knowing their address and phone number. I confidently checked the phone number box and wrote in "partially" on the address.
Darn you country addresses! They are all numbers. Like country roads (CR 1234) and FM 5678. Everything out here is numbers. Some days for my sanity I wish for nice happy street names like Magnolia Lane or Harbor View Rd. Oh well, back to reality. So I'm sharing my trick.

Phone number: Awhile back I put a counting by 10s numberline on my child's wall near his bed. Next thing I know he can count by 10s. So I figured what else can I put up there. You guessed it, my phone number. Within a few days he had it memorized. I was shocked!! All that time "not going to sleep" and laying in bed paid off.

Another idea is to sing it as a song. I haven't used this one but many people do.

Tune: The Farmer In The Dell 
Teacher: How do you phone home?
How do you phone home?
When you want to call your house,
How do you phone home?
Student: 123-456-7891
That's how I phone home.

Address: This one we are still working on. I again put it on his wall. But between our physical address of all those numbers, our post office box address, and phone number... well it is overload. So for now I stick with the phone number and that he know what town and state we live in. Plus he can verbally tell someone how to get to our house by using landmarks. Good enough for now. :)

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