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Sunday, June 23, 2013

If You Give A _____ A ______

I just LOVE the series of books by Laura Numeroff. I had a few of them in my classroom library. Then my mom (who is a former teacher) began to snag any she could find when Kohl's had them as a promotion and then also at Half Price Books. So now I have the whole set. Yippee!!

If you are not familiar with them, let me give you an example. If you Give A Pig a Pancake, they will want syrup. The syrup will make them sticky and they will want a bath. In the bath they will want a rubber ducky....etc. So it goes on and on. Pretty much like the way MY brain works. My real life example: I have people coming over and need to clean the bathroom. In the bathroom I clean the pee on the floor (I have boys) and  I see dirty baseboards, so I get out the paint....See, I guess the author's characters have ADD like the ADD I get when cleaning. :)

Anyway, I pulled out these books and began creating a unit for one. Then that meant I created a unit for another one. Oh, the vicious cycle!!

Each unit has worksheets and centers included. They also have centers I left blank so you can easily fill them in for any subject you are working on at that time. Check it out either at TPT or TN.

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