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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Legos - Birthday Ideas and Preschool & Kinder Thematic Unit (Letter L)

My 5 year old was CRAZY about Legos. So we had a Lego themed party. After many hours of scanning the internet I created a fun party for him.

Pin the Lego game (this was store bought at Party City)
Goodie Bags: Lego circles glued on the front of the cheap walmart solid colored bags.

Lego man crayons - I bought the mold online, but if you have a Lego store close to you, they carry them in the stores. I found this out later after paying shipping. :) Then melt old crayons to make party crayons.

Lego coloring book - I printed some coloring pages from the lego website. Lego website for coloring pages. Then found other black and white images online to put inside as pages. I did this "old school" way. I copied and pasted the images to the size I needed then ran them through a copier and stapled them inside a piece of cardstock I used for the cover.

Lego Candy- I bought those candies at a candy store in the mall where you can go and scoop out candy from their bins. Then you pay for it by weight. They were a cute addition, but they are expensive and actually very hard to eat. My boys didn't like them and we ended up throwing them away. FYI.

Estimation Jar- See, the teacher in me never is very far away. :)
Quick shout out to The 3am Teacher I love her stuff. This frame is one of her works.
I made a pennant to hang for decorations along with a Lego board with the number 5 in Legos.
Prize Bucket- I had envelopes that contained stickers, tattoos, or even $1 in them.

The Lego cake- I found directions online from Betty Crocker. Lego Cake directions.  
If you are NOT a cake making person, don't worry. This is very easy to do, it is just time consuming to put icing around all the marshmallows (lego dots). Plus my perfectionism was kicking in while making the cake, so it took me a long time until I was satisfied with my work.

I made a Lego bingo game to play. I basically googled "lego people" images and copied and pasted them into a chart. There is also a "lego" font that I downloaded for free too. I used that for the bingo game heading and also for the cover of my coloring book.

A bean bag toss. Yes, even the bean bags were Lego themed. I make squares of felt pockets, stuffed them with beans and then hot glued the lego dots to the top. Then I got 4 bowls from walmart and stuck points on each bowl. Tadaaaa, a game!!

Homemade pinata - I found the instructions from Infarrantly Creative Blog . But I tweaked them to make a square. I ended up putting another brown paper bag upside down to make it flat on both the top and bottom with the hanger poking through. Then I hot glued kid yogurt cups on the front and put crepe paper around them. Super cheap!!!

Lego spoon race - easy enough!
 Presents - I found Lego wrapping paper at Party City. Or I also made my own with solid colored paper and then adding the dots. Let me tell you, those little 3D dots that are used in scrapbooking or cardmaking are perfect for all these Lego dots!!

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