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Sunday, January 8, 2017

3rd Grade Reading STAAR Test Prep - Bingo Game

If I have to make my students take an extremely hard test that is above their 3rd grade reading level, then I am going to try and make it as fun as possible.

I worked all weekend using the terminology found on previous reading tests. I realized last year that many of my students had trouble just reading the question and trying to figure out what it was asking.

I made this Bingo game for them.

Last year I made flashcards for them, but the STAAR test was quickly approaching. This year I am prepared!

If you are a Texas teacher, then check this Bingo game out at Teacher's Pay Teachers. I promise I made it cheap!

4 Types of Sentences

This year I have really begun using anchor charts. I know, teachers have used them for years and I'm just now getting on the bandwagon. Most times I scour Pinterest and then copy from the ones posted online. I normally NEED inspiration and then I can create it.

BUT, this time I used my own little brain to make one... SEE. Isn't it cute!

I always use the "Land of Tive" story to teach the 4 different kinds of sentences and I needed a visual to go with the story. This is what I made. Note, I am NOT an artist or claim to be one, but my class is always impressed and that is what counts. Right?!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Plural Noun FREEBIE!!

Check out my quick partner matching game for FREE at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There are 26 cards (13 sets of partners). I pass out these card to my students and they have to find their matching partner. Cards include plural nouns like: cat/cats, box/boxes, man/men, fish/fish, and even harder ones for those GT students such as hypothesis/hypotheses. Multiple levels for all your students.

This is a great review game or even if you want to lead into your lesson to see what they know or can figure out on their own. 

Another fun way to present this activity it to tape it under their chair or desk. :) Lot of laughs! Plus it gets them up and moving!.

So click here to download the free matching game.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Olympics 2016 - Rio de Janeiro

The Summer Olympics is coming up soon.

Two years ago I made a Winter Olympics PowerPoint and I had tons of great response about it. This year (even though it is not during school months) I went ahead and made a similar ppt for the summer games.

I've already shown it to my own children as we have begun discussing it at home and they are now fired up about watching it.

I am also teaching a summer reading program through our school district and town library. This years' theme is "heroes". One of the lessons will be on the Olympics and the Olympic Heroes. So I am going to be able to use it for that lesson also.

You can find my PowerPoint here.

If you are interested in more ideas and activities for the Summer Olympics, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the Olympics.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Spelling Test Funny

Most days I dread grading...who am I kidding!!! I dread grading papers everyday!! LOL!!

But every once in awhile you get a paper from a child that makes you chuckle. Here is a picture of a recent spelling test.

Christmas Wreath Mexican 7 Layer Dip

December 23rd my family and I went up to our church to help assemble Christmas food baskets to hand out/deliver to the needy in our town.

For something special for the volunteers I made this 7 layer dip but with a Christmas twist.
I used my angel food cake pan to make the mold.
I layered in the: refried beans, shredded cheese, guacamole, sour cream, olives, salsa, lettuce and added the cute tomatoes for a finishing touch. Then refrigerated until we were ready to leave.

I set it out with a few bags of chips on the church kitchen counter and then went to deliver some food. When we came back to the church there were about 4 scoops of the dip left and the 3 lonely tomatoes laying on the tray. :) I'd have to say  it was a hit.

Christmas Bowls

Since my children were young, I started the tradition of making Christmas dishes with them each year.
You can see my previous post here where I have pictures of all my plates and the directions.

Last year, I decided I had enough plates and decided to go with bowls. Here is last year's bowl.

This year we did another bowl.

I used their fingerprints to make the reindeer and santa. (Their hands and feet have gotten too big..sniff...sniff).  Also- On each dish I have their name, age, and year.

The only thing I suggest is to USE the "Porcelaine 150" paint. (I got it at Michaels).

Last year I used these "painters" pens and they did not hold up nearly as well. I put the dishes in the dishwasher (like I had done previous years with the Porcelaine Paint) but it came off or peeled and moved locations on the plate. So don't use the below paints!!
Once again, see my instructions here for how to directions and more pictures.