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Friday, June 21, 2013

Monocot and Dicots

Monocots and Dicots

What in the world??? You may be asking this.
Monocot and Dicots - These are two different "kinds" of plants.

I taught in a Texas public school for 9 years.Texas does not follow the "common core" standards. Yes, like most Texans we like to do things our own way. In Texas we have the TEKS (Texas Essential of Knowledge and Skills). From everything I have read, they are pretty much the same. There are minor differences here and there.
Well, in the 3rd grade TEKS 10b - "Explore that some characteristics of organisms are inherited such as the number of limbs on an animal or flower color and recognize that some behaviors are learned in response to living in a certain environment such as animals using tools to get food". There it is for ya!
Anyway- my district took this to another level and had us teach monocot and dicot plants. In trying to find lessons to teach this...after first learning it myself...I realized there is not much to this topic. So I created a few things to help out my fellow science teachers.

Monocot and Dicot Board Game  (click here for the game)
 A Monocot and Dicot Board Game - You can use as a science center. I loved throwing in science centers during my literacy centers to help review and to continue to spiral the curriculum.

A Monocot and Dicot Memory Game- It has lots of pictures to help them remember facts to distinguish between the two.

Monocot vs Dicot powerpoint (click here for link)
Plus a monocot and dicot powerpoint. This will help the teacher (refresh your memory) and teach the class the difference between the two kinds of plants.
I hope you find these things helpful.

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