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Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Olympics FREEBIE!

To celebrate the Winter Olympics, I have made a fun little Memory Game just for you. On each card is an adorable Winter Olympics related picture. Print off and then write with a sharpie the skill you are working on. For my boys at home (age 4 & 5) I use upper an lowercase letters, simple math problem with the answer on the matching card, etc. Then for older kids you can use harder math problems or any skill you are learning that has an answer or match.

To download this quick memory game click here for Dropbox.

Once again, this adorable clipart was purchased from Educasong.

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2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi

I bought the most adorable Winter Olympics clipart the other day from Educasong so I have been busy making some fun things. See, isn't that just adorable!!
I've never been hugely interested in the Olympics. I watch the opening ceremony and a few of the events when I stumbled on them. To be honest, I had to do LOTS of research about Sochi and the Olympics to create these items. This took WAY more time than I had planned. :)

Here is what I created. I first created a "My Winter Olympics Book". The first few pages give information about the first Olympics, a map of Sochi & Russia, city facts, the sporting events, the medals, etc. Then there are other pages that you can include in the book to keep everything Olympic together, or you can use them separately as worksheets, activities, etc. There is a ABC order cut and glue page, a parts of speech cut and glue page, a venn diagram, research pages to learn about your favorite 3 sports, a medal count chart for your favorite countries, create your own medal, and I even threw in a memory game for fun. There are 25 printable pages for you.

To find "My 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Book" click here.

The other item I made is a math center based on 3rd grade Common Core and TEKS. It covers a large variety of skills: place value, rounding, word problems, multiplication, addition, subtraction, reasonableness, time, etc.  This one also took me awhile. First, I hate writing word problems. But to make this even better I spent tons of time online reading Olympic webpages. Once I found any type of information based on numbers, my brain began spinning and I turned it into a math problem. So each math problem is based on real Olympic facts. This way the students will be learning about the Olympics along with practicing their math skills. There are 16 cards/word problems, a directions page, recording sheet, and answer key.

To find my "Winter Olympics Math Center" click here.

Last, but not least, since I have had such a huge amount of traffic for these Winter Olympic Centers, I made 4 Language Arts Centers.  
To purchase my LA centers click here.

Included are:
1. "Gold Medal Synonyms"- 12 sets of synonym cards cards to help improve vocabulary. Comes with student direction page, 24 cards, recording sheet for accountability, and answer key.

2. "Olympic Analogies" - 12 analogy cards and 12 matching gold medal answer cards to those cards. Comes with 24 cards, student directions page, recording sheet for accountability, and answer key. * Also an extra analogy worksheet/homework page and answer key with an Olympic theme.

3. "Olympic Main Idea and Details" - 6 different paragraphs that all contain Olympic information and facts. Students choose an Olympic paragraph and complete a Main Idea and Detail graphic Organizer. Comes with 6 paragraphs, student directions page, and graphic organizer.

4. "Winter Olympic Facts and Opinions' - 20 different fact and opinion cards that include information about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Students sort the cards then complete the recording sheet. Comes with 20 cards, student directions page, recording sheet for accountability, and answer key.

THEN I had so many hits on these Winter Olympic items I cranked out a few more after everyone went to bed at night.
I made a PowerPoint, because every teacher loves a good PowerPoint to get the facts across, plus it is a great introduction.

Here it is for you. Click here. It is 25 fact filled pages.

The last thing I made was a similar Winter Olympics Book, but this one is geared for the PreSchool- Kindergarten age. It is 29 pages with a few little facts for them, coloring pages, making a gold medal activity, and a few other cute things for the younger ones.

Click here for the Pre-School & Kindergarten Book.

Here is a picture of my son doing one of of the activities in this little PreK book.
Creating his own Olympic medal.

*** Don't forget to go over to my Pinterest page to see my collection of Olympic Crafts and Ideas I have put together.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Craft - Countdown Calendar Decoration

I thought I would post this craft I did a few years ago to count down the days until Christmas.

painting canvas
Modge Podge
christmas scrapbook paper
tin cans
glue & hot glue gun
decoration pieces

Basically, I cut and glued the layers of paper to the board then modge podged over it. I decorated the small tins (from the wedding section at your hobby/craft store) on the side and the clear lid so they can't see in.
Then I stuck Velcro to the squares and cans. I added a few embellishments (plastic snowflakes and presents- which are the tiny ornaments - I just cut off the strings). The each day they can open a tin with a little treat. I normally use a piece of candy, stickers, or a little note of something special.

This turned out really cute and the boys love it, but I had problems with the Velcro sticking to the board and the backs of the tins when you pull it off each day. I ended up super gluing the velcro to the back of the tins and then having to sew the Velcro to the board (this was hard).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another FREEBIE!! Picture Sudokus

I taught my kindergartener how to do a basic Sudoku puzzle while we were iced in. He LOVED it. So the teacher-mommy in me wanted to continue that love of learning and critical thinking skills. I created 4 different Sudoku puzzles which I am sharing with you my blog reader for FREE. (I do have these for sale at my stores).

To download these 4 different leveled picture Sudokus for free click HERE for Dropbox. These are cut and paste puzzles.

To see my other FREE items, make sure you click on the "freebies" label on the right of this blog. Or you can check out my stores. I have over 120 items and run sales often.

Christmas Star Craft

December has been a busy month so far!! With a late Thanksgiving this year, being iced in with no power for 4 days and then a sick little boy...phew!! This is how Texas does winter...ICE. I'd take snow any day!
Look at my poor bent little trees, these bounced back, but we lost some major limbs of our big trees that hadn't lost their leaves yet. :(

Here are a few of the things we have been working on in the mean time.

This ornament was an idea from my Nativity Thematic Unit. (Fun foam, pipe cleaner, raffia, and a glue gun).
Wooden Nativity Scene from Hobby Lobby

J is for Jesus Candy Cane craft.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Power Points

Don't forget to check out all my power points I have made. Many follow the 3rd grade SS TEKS. Be sure to click on the tab at the top. I just complete a 4th grade SS TEKS power point (20abc). That one took forever to make. Tons of information to research and of course making it appealing for 4th graders to actually look at. :) The picture below just shows a few of them. They run about $3.00 each, but I'm told they are well worth it since they save so much time.