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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Color by Number & Addition FREEBIES

I was adding some older 3rd & 4th grade Halloween pages to TPT and TN. But I was looking at it and I  made it friendly for my age boys (3 and 5). So as a FREEBIE to you.  Here are my 2 worksheets I made. One is addition and one is number recognition (color by number).To get them you will need to click here.  That will take you to dropbox where you can download it in pdf. :)

Letter Y - Yummy

Trying to find a letter Y unit is hard. What kid wants to learn about yo-yo or yak? So we did "Yummy". My almost 4 year old is an eating machine. I opened a can of black olives while cooking and he helped himself to the can. Not normal. So figured yummy would be perfect.

Anyway, I forgot to take pictures of us working on this unit. Mostly it was him eating and doing things with the color yellow. We did rush through this unit a bit. I wanted to finish the alphabet so we can begin all the season related units (leaves, candy corn, pumpkins, Halloween. Then comes all the fun November stuff like Pilgrims and Turkeys). I love fall!! Plus I've been whipping up a ton of things for his upcoming Frog themed birthday. (New post to and pictures to follow on that topic). Did I also mention making Halloween costumes??  Or  putting a zillion fall/Halloween things on both sites??  BUSY!! Then somehow in the mix of things I am now on the PTL board. Oh boy!

Here is my Yummy Unit. If you want to see it at Teachers Pay Teachers click here. To see it at Teachers Notebook click here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Candy Corn Thematic Unit

I began this unit 2 years ago and I have built on it each year. You can purchase the whole unit at Teachers Pay Teachers or at Teachers Notebook. It has 39 pages of printables and lesson ideas.

Here are a few of the ideas that we have done in the past.


#1 - We did sink or float with candy corn - then we let it sit for awhile to see what would happen.

#2 - I have 3 different size and colors of triangles. We patterned with them (I had more cut out than you see pictured). Then after we patterned, we stacked them by size shown and made a candy corn.

#3 - In each muffin cup I had an orange circle with a number on it. He then counted out how many candy corns belonged in each cup.

Here is a cute craft they enjoyed too. Ripping construction paper (or you can use scissors for cutting skill).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Letter X Thematic Unit - X-Rays

My little pumpkin was really interested in this lesson. I began with telling him about bones in our body and discussed how X-rays work. I also found a "dem bones" song on youtube for us to watch too.

Then we did the following X-ray crafts and a few of the letter X activities from my thematic unit.

 Letter X - X Ray Thematic Unit click here to purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers. Or click here to purchase from Teachers Notebook.

Here he felt the bones in his arm and fingers. We glued q-tips on to look like bones of a x-ray.

Here we talked about the shape of bones and he glued them on the letter X.

For part of his letter recognition I have a page if different letters in different fonts (included in my unit). He used a pink dot maker (because we are learning the color pink this week).

These are just a few of the activities. We did many many more. I think he learned a lot this week. Some weeks are just better than others.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Themed Lessons

I was on a roll with my fall themed teaching items. Here are some of my things I have made so far. Once again, as I do these with my own children I will add more pictures and ideas. I thought I would let you know that these are out there in case you are a big prepper like me. I like to know what I'm doing and be prepared. :)

I decided to add another FREEBIE to my blog just for you. Otherwise, you can buy it at Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is a fun ABC Ordering Center. Included is a student direction page, a student recording sheet, and 30 different pumpkin cards with fall themed words.

For my FREE ABC Ordering Center click here for dropbox.

#1 Pumpkin Thematic Unit - 51 pages of ideas, websites, printables, centers, and more. Phew! That one was a lot of work to pull it all together for you!

The link to purchase this pumpkin unit click here for TPT  or here for TN

#2 Candy corn themed lessons for 3rd graders. It is a mix of centers and worksheets.
To purchase from TPT click here  and to purchase from TN click here. **** You may want to check out each place because I run sales at each place differently. 

Included are: 
Math Centers:
Candy Corn Rounding (Directions, Recording Sheet, & 24 Cards)
    -Math TEKS 3.5a/Common Core 3NBT.1 and 3.0A.8
Greater Than & Less Than (Directions, Recording Sheet, Candy Corn Symbols, and Answer Key)
    -Math TEKS 3.1b, 3.3a, 3.5ab/Common Core 3NBT.1, 3NBT2, 3.0A.8
Math Addition and subtraction Worksheet (Missing Numbers)
    -Math TEKS 3.3ab,3.14a-d/Common Core 3.NBT.2, 3.OA.8
Reading & Writing:
Candy Corn Graphic Organizer – for any story.
    -ELA TEKS 8a, 11, 22a-c, 23a-c, 31e/Common Core RI3.2, 3.3
Candy Corn Haiku Poem Worksheet
     -ELA TEKS 1b, 18b, 23a
Candy Corn ABC Order Center (Recording Sheet and 20 Cards)
   -ELA TEKS 4e

I have to pat myself on the back because even though Texas is not "common core" I looked up all the common core standards and added them. Adding common core and TEKS is a huge PAIN, so it won't happen often, but I was trying to help. :)

#3 Spiders - More Math and Reading themed activities, centers, and worksheets for 3rd graders.
To purchase from TPT click here and from TN click here.

Included in this set are:

Math Skills- Multiplying by 8s craftivity
Measuring in both centimeters and inches (with center printables & answer key)
Subtraction across zeros (center w/ answer key)

Language Arts- 4 Types of Sentences (worksheet w/ answer key)

Reading – Comparing and Contrasting (worksheet)

#4 Compound Words Pumpkin Literacy Center 

To purchase from TPT click here or from TN click here.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Leaves Thematic Unit

Maybe this is hopeful thinking, but I just finished a new thematic unit on "Leaves". Right now in my little corner of Texas, the only leaves that the grasshoppers have not eaten, are the dead ones due to lack of rain. I have a feeling we won't have much color.
But, I felt inspired to go ahead and add this to the blog that way others can use the freebies I'm adding. I have not used it yet, but once I do I will add more pictures of it in progress. (I'm waiting for temps under 90 before we do this unit).

If you want my complete 45 pages of my unit you can purchase it from Teacher Notebook by clicking here.
Or you can purchase it from Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.

Now, if you want part of my unit for FREE you can click here for dropbox.
The FREEBIE includes 9 pages. (See below images).

A Bible Verse Page

A Fall Tic Tac Toe Game  (reviews the letter L, square shape, and number 3, and other fall items). The rest of the game is not pictured.

Leaf number ordering cards. I had my kids lay these out in order on the floor. When they were first learning I used a sentence strip (or long strip of construction paper) and wrote 1 2, 3, ....10 on it and they could look at that for help when they ordered them.

The last thing this freebie includes is a leaf number matching cards (1-10). Print on cardstock then cut them on the puzzle lines for kids to match.

I hope you enjoy my fall items. For more fun fall ideas click here for my fall Pinterest page.