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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dinoasurs Thematic Unit

 I recently created the Letter D- Dinosaurs unit and did those lessons with my 4 year old and some activities with my 6 yr old when he got home from kindergarten.
If you are interested in purchasing this unit you can find it here. It has 51 pages and it is much cheaper than my other units because dinosaurs are so common in the teaching world. It's a bargain!

Below are a few of the things we did with this lesson.

Here we used plastic dinosaurs from Walmart to make different footprints. The larger toys are much better as far a differentiated footprints than the really cheap bag of ones you can get from the dollar store.

Then since we were doing footprints we made a life sized footprint using newspapers to show the real size.
FYI- in doing research on dinosaurs I learned that the brontosaurus is no longer called that. It was found they used the wrong skull to the body. So now one that looks like a brontosaurus is called the apatosaurus.
Coloring pages
* Another great activity I did (that I forgot to take pictures of) was I took 5 different plastic easter eggs and put different weights in them. He then had to sort them from lightest to heaviest.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up and I thought I would show you my Earth Day Centers bundle which is great for 3rd grade.

4 Centers!! 32 pages of Earth Day themed centers aligned to Common Core and TEKS.
Check it our here at Teachers Pay Teachers or here at Teachers Notebook. :)

Earth Day Math Center Includes:
*Student Directions Page
* 16 math word problems with an Earth Day theme
* Recording Sheet for accountability * Answer Key

Earth Day “Being Green” Science Center Includes:
*Student Directions Page * 24 cards * Sorting Mat
* Recording Sheet for accountability * Answer Key
(Facts about conserving, recycling, etc. where they sort what is good for the environment or what is bad for the environment).

Earth Day Value ($) Words includes:
*Student Directions Page * Money Value Alphabet
* Recording Sheet for accountability * Answer Key
With Earth Day themed graphics

Earth Day themed Irregular and Regular Plural Center includes:
*Student Directions Page * Sorting Mat *32 word cards
* Recording Sheet for accountability * Answer Key
Skill: adding s, es, or ies to make words plural

Beginning Math Skills & Free Printable Beginning Sounds Game

It has been a busy and sickly last few weeks. Needless to say, preschool has been put on the back burner. It's bad when your son asks to do preschool. (I never said I was perfect, nor do I ever pretend to be). Since I had not really been making lessons and nothing was printed and ready to go, I had to get creative.

I remembered seeing this little gem online somewhere. So I whipped that up for him. He did it so quickly and easily. I was blown away!!!!
I made this for my 4 year old. He is the one who would get frustrated when counting when he got to 13-19 and completely shut down and not do ANYTHING and refuse. With the help from his Daddy (who is obviously not Mommy so its different) he let Dad help him count through those teens and next thing I know he is counting to 50. All this time I thought he could only count to 12. In reality he can count to 50 now. Sometimes it take someone else to help get them over a bump in the road.

To take this idea even farther I created a beginning sounds games for him.
On one side of the plate I used blue and picked clipart that begins with different letters. Then with blue I wrote the matching letters on the clothespins. 

 THEN on the back I added more letters using red. Notice the letters on the clothespins are red. 

*Also this is self checking. Red for the red side & blue for the blue side, but when you flip the plate over the clothespins also match the letter on the back. Pretty neat huh!

Most of the clipart I have taken from a free clipart site called: mycutegraphics.com   It is worth checking out!!

How to get it for Free:
I have given you the clipart I used HERE that you can download through "DropBox" Or if you have an account through Teachers Pay Teachers you can access it Here for free.
Or if you have an account through Teachers Notebook you can access it Here for free.

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