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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tractors Thematic Unit - Letter T

My boys LOVE tractors! My oldest son's first words were 1) dada 2) momma 3) tractor. Yes, his 3rd word was tractor.
When doing preschool lessons with them, of course I wanted letter T to be tractor. I searched high and low and found very little... lots of farms stuff, but not tractors. So I hoped to create my own unit. Then I ran into the problem of finding clipart. There was nothing I wanted because it was all farm related (animals, silo, etc). I wanted different kinds of tractors.
Browsing through clipart artists on TPT (Teacher's Pay Teachers) I found Aisne. I contacted her with what I was looking for and she created a clipart package for me. I was beyond thrilled!! If you haven't seen her work, check her out. Aisne's Creations. She has some amazing real life animal artwork too.

So I'm proudly introducing my tractors thematic unit. As of right now, it is ONE of a kind. :) This is like my other thematic units. This one is 44 pages that includes the typical patterning, adding, subtraction, what is different, etc. BUT, I also included 2 file folder games and a few worksheets and activities on short vowels.

Tractor Unit on TPT

Tractors Unit on TN
If you have a little tractor lover, then this is for you! It is one of a kind.

Below are a few pictures of my boys learning in action.

Playing with Play Doh and making different tire markings.
You can also use paint on the tires instead of play doh, and do tire painting tracks, but tempra paint is not something I do. It is too messy for me and I don't like the thought of paint all over their tractors. But if messy is the way you teach, then go with it!! I applaud you! I'm too much of a neat freak. :)

Making an ABAB pattern with tractors
Tractor sorting was by tractors with front end loaders & without and then "special" tractors (because I only know "combine" as a real name) and then tractor implements (hay balers, and whatever that other thing is). Remember I am a transplanted city girl, still learning all the country lingo.

"-ing word making game" - I originally made it for file folder, but I am cheap and out of folders, so I just used a large sheet of construction paper and folded it in half.
Making a rectangle with the tractor pieces. Notice the camouflage tractor shirt. That is his favorite.
Another making words activity.

The below is a tractor art I made up as I went using shapes. I took "Totally Tots" letter T idea and ran with it as far as shapes are concerned to reinforce our shape learning.
I got the above Letter T tractor craft from Totally Tots. Isn't that adorable!! Check out her blog too for some great ideas.

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