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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Behavior Management with a 100s Chart

There are a ZILLION uses for a 100s chart. I'm not sure how I came up with this little idea, but it is WONDERFUL!!!
For some reason when I was a new teacher I bought a 100s chart... for 4th graders. Needless to say it sat in my bulletin board box for ages. Then when I taught 3rd we used it for multiplication, but until then it sat empty.

I had a revelation.... use it for behavior! I'm one of those teachers that the kids never know what to expect from me. You know those times when you really have to "go" so you take 2 mins to literally run down the hall to the restroom. Then when you come back you know they were acting up. Sometimes I would find out who was talking and sign their folders. Other times when I would ask who was talking and if anyone fessed up, I would reward them for being honest.

This is where the chart comes in. For each time I caught the kids doing anything good, being helpful, etc I would have them "sign the hundreds chart". The kids would take a vis-a-vis marker and sign their initials on one square (of a laminated hundreds chart). Then when the chart was full I would lay it on the floor and drop counting chips onto it. If a chip fell on their name, they would get some kind of prize.

Hint- The first time I did this, we filled it out going 1-100 in order. But when I first dropped the chips they realized that most of the chips fell toward the center, so you may want to try hard to get the edges. So then they began filling the squares in wherever they wanted. So I rolled with it.

This was an easy and fast way to promote good behavior. I highly suggest trying this!

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