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Monday, July 29, 2013

Super Sprayer

During the "olden days" of overhead projectors in the classroom you needed a wet paper towel or something to wipe it clean. I reluctantly gave up my projector for newer technology in my classroom, but I still use Vis-a-vis markers on many laminated things. (Especially my 100s behavior chart).

So to keep my classroom fun and entertaining, I had the "Super Sprayer". This was so fun for the kids, it became one of my classroom chores for them. I bought a simple spray water bottle and decorated it with, eyes, hair and a cape... TADAAA a "super sprayer".

Ok- this picture is of the one I have had for at least 8 years so it has been rather "loved". At one point it did have sequins hot glued around the cape, but like I said, this has been used for MANY years. When I return back to the classroom in a few years my beloved super sprayer will get a much needed facelift.

 I hope this might give you some inspiration for your classroom. Well worth the few minutes it takes to make this.

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