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Monday, July 15, 2013

Letter S - Sun/Star, Silver, #11

Our Thematic Unit for Letter S - Our topic is the sun & stars.

Other skills we are covering: the color silver, number 11, -ick chunk, adding, subtracting, patterns, comparing contrasting, cutting, writing basic numbers and letters, vocab, and the list goes on and on. Since we were learning silver, I threw in silverware and we even practiced setting the table. (I was on a roll!)

Normally, I start off with the letter and the theme, but this time I began with silver because I was in more of a crafty mood. We made a silver collage. I found all kinds of silver crafty goodness and let them glue it down. (Tin foil, cupcake wrappers, glitter, paperclips, etc).

Then  we went onto the number 11. We made the number 11 with tin foil. After it was glued down, I reviewed tally marks and roman numerals with them. It is not in this picture, but I wrote that on their #11 page below.

To expand on the number 11 and tie it into our Stars and letter S theme, I drew a letter S and added 11 dots on it. They then added 11 silver sticker stars to the letter S. (See, I tied in the color silver again and also began teaching them about "constellations"). Some days I am amazed about what I can tie together. Others days it is a complete flop. :)

If you would like to purchase my Sun & Stars Thematic Unit click here. It is 39 pages and includes the above ideas for lessons with many printables.

To go with this unit as an extra, I also have a sun powerpoint that I showed my boys. It has some really neat real life pictures of the sun. Sun Powerpoint. It is higher level since I made it for my 3rd graders, but my PreK and K boys loved it.

Slide from the power point lesson.
As a FREEBIE to my blog readers, if you purchase the thematic unit from either TPT or TN, email me at cityteachergoescountry@hotmail.com and I will send you the sun powerpoint for FREE!

Above is a picture of some of the things we made while doing "mommy preschool". I have a posterboard with paperclips poked through it. Each week they can easily change out their display papers.

Here is one more picture of an activity we did. I found a few items with unique shapes. I did a science experiment about the sun with them. I laid the items out on a purple sheet of construction paper out in the direct sun all day. I showed them how the sun fades colors. Then my youngest matched the item with it's shape left from the sun.

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