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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankgiving is Almost Here

I just love Thanksgiving. Really, you can fast forward through the big meal and give me the leftover turkey to make turkey sandwiches on a roll. That is my favorite!!

To get ready, we have be learning about turkeys. I have not made anything...YET on turkeys or Pilgrims. I hope to, but time is running out quick. Plus, I can't find my turkey file. I will post as soon as I make something.

So instead of making things, I have spend tooo much time digging through things online to print out for my boys. (I should have made one, it would have been faster). Oh well.

Here are some of their favorites we have done with Turkeys:
*The typical tracing hand to make it look like a turkey. We identified parts of a turkey (tail, wing, feet, wattle, beak, etc.)
* Learn about the "wattle".
* Watch "Free Birds" at the movie theater.
* Many youtube videos of turkeys.
*I verbally played a game of "what does the turkey eat". I'd call out different things and they had to tell me if a turkey ate it. Example: acorns (yes), insects (yet), pizza (no), etc.

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