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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkins Thematic Unit - Letter P

This week we began out Letter P, Pumpkin unit. The boys have been dying to carve their pumpkins, so I figured it was time.
I do 99% of this with my newly turned 4 year old. My 5 year old is in Kindergarten and goes to public school. Some of these activities we do all together like the science lessons and I save some of the harder things for him. For example in this unit I have a compound word activity made for him.

To get my unit you can find it on Teachers Pay teachers by clicking here.   Or you can also find it Teachers Notebook by clicking here.

Here it is in action:

 Letter P Activities - Making the letter P look like a pumpkin (above). Below- a letter P sort. I even thew in a lowercase b to confuse him. But he noticed. :)

 Letter P dot marker page. This used to be his favorite activity, but he told me since he is 4 now, he needs to do "big boy work".  Oh boy!

This book I found online a few years ago.  Click here for the link. I made puppets (out of fun foam- a personal favorite) to go along with the story. We have been using this for about 3 years and they still love it!

Color Orange Collage - My youngest used scissors to cut the little pieces then glue them on.

 Pumpkin Waffles - food coloring and chocolate chips.

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