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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Peppermints and Christmas

I'm running out of time for Thanksgiving things, so I figured I'd just go ahead and get started on Christmas. 

Here is a cute idea I used as a writing project/craft. Students wrote a haiku poem about peppermints or a candy cane. Since now a days we can't really do anything Christmas (even secular) in public schools I've had to turn very basic. Peppermints, gingerbread men, etc. Below is my sample. 

I did have my 4 year old help make the sample. So in the classroom I will add the poem, but I will also use it as a craft at home with just their hand prints and their own coloring/decorations. It took 3 paper plates to make this.

If you want to see more, this writing craft is part of my Christmas/Winter Tic Tac Toe Board. That last week or few days of school before the "winter" break is normally pretty crazy. This board is a fun way to still learn and have fun. Students choose 3 activities to complete. Included in the packet are 9 activities and all the directions on how to use it and organize the set up. Kid lesson include: 3 centers, the above craft, a graphic organizer, and 4 other worksheets are included. You an either use the tic tac toe board, or if not, you have 9 activities for the classroom to use as you please. :)

*****Here is a another FREE sample for you from this Tic Tac Toe Menu. To download the graphic organizer for FREE from dropbox, click here.This is a quick preview of it. ENJOY!

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