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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Activities

My older son has the whole week off for Thanksgiving. So in preparation of my two boys being with each other all day, inside every day this week I began coming up with things to keep them busy.

1. Playing outside in the Texas ice. Then inside for a very long and fun bath to warm up. The bathroom floor may have gotten flooded, but I cleaned my oven while they had fun. :)
2. Preschool and Kindergarten lessons. I taught my kindergartener about using a ruler and also fractions.
3. Indian reviewing shapes Craft from 2 Teaching Mommies. Thanksgiving packet

4. Pretend Thanksgiving dinner craft

5. Thankful Pumpkin Pie. Each year we write what we are thankful for on a hand turkey. This year I found this on Pinterest and I am going to use this pie instead of the turkey.

6. Coloring and painting turkey sheets from online.
#1-6 was all on done on Monday. Not to mention we cuddled and watched Polar Express. :)

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