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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Calendar

Below is my December Calendar for my Elf on the Shelf ideas. To get yours click here to download it at "dropbox".
The previous years I left the word "elf" on a post it note by my bed so I wouldn't forget to move it each night. Now that I have one that can read that, I had to get wiser. I created a day by day calendar so I wouldn't forget and be stuck racking my brain each night. Or begging my husband for help. (But he does have some good ones).
All these ideas were a compilation of web searches and Pinterest. There is a 2nd page attached if you download of some of the ideas in pictures. Happy Elfing!!

Update: Here are a few of the pictures I took of our else this year. I did not follow my calendar completely. (We had a major ice storm and lost power for 4 days. Thankfully, when we left our house to stay with family, I remembered to snag our Elf.)

Toilet paper tube as a swing. This was a hard one to get him to balance.

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