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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FREE - Letter B - Birthday Thematic Unit

Since my last baby is turning 4, I thought I'd go ahead and share one of my full thematic units.

35 pages are included in this FREE unit. This is geared for preschool classes, homeschooling parents, or parents wanting to do something educational when it is time for their child's birthday.

There are both printables and teacher/parent lesson idea pages.

Lessons included in this Unit:
Vocab: birthday, balloons     Color: Red    Letter: Bb     Shape: Oval     Number: age of child (2, 3, or 4)

Greater than/Less than
What come next – patterning 
Simple Addition
What’s Different? 
Size Sort 
Graph and Dice 
Vocab cards
Syllable Sort
Letter B dot/magnet page 
Tracing Bs
Tracing Ovals
Oval Activities
Letter B Search using different fonts
Color by Number
Cutting Practice 
Venn Diagram 
Number 2, 3, or 4 activities page
Bible Verse
Red Ideas & coloring page
Tic- Tac Toe Game
Letter B sort
Spanish Vocab Cards

You can get the unit FREE from Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.  Or you can get if for FREE from Teachers Notebook by clicking here.  Each one of these places will get you to this FREEBIE!!

Here are a few pictures of Day 1. We focused on the number 4...since he is turning 4. The number 4 with 4 birthday stickers, dice and tallys. The cake picture (included in packet) I cut out and then I added the background and candles to make it more fun. Plus he counted out the candles as he put them on. Oh, and I pulled out 2 of the Spanish cards to work on. I have more in the packet that go with this theme.

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