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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Frog Themed Birthday Party

My youngest is turning 4. Since he could talk, he has been asking for a "froggie birthday party". So this is finally the year. This is also his "first" friend birthday party (or non "family only" party). So since I feel like the slacker mom I decided to finally grant his wish and go all out...on the cheap side of course.

From experience with any party, you get lots of "no" RSVPs. So I over-invited and you guessed it... I have a houseful coming. I hope the weather holds out. I don't know how many trips back to the store I made to get more supplies for the goodie bags.

Here are some of the things I have planned. (I will add anything else after the party).

#1 Goodie Bags- I personally hate these (filled with junk and they get thrown away - but like I said I went all out for his first "real" party). Plus kids LOVE them!

Inside the goodie bags are: tattoos, frog stickers (cut into strips so they each get a few), plastic frogs, and glow bracelets (15 in  pack for $1). Frog cut out shapes (Hobby Lobby has a 24 pack, plus I used my 40% off coupon). Did I mention I am on a budget?? A stay on home mom selling teacher things online for a couple dollars each, isn't a millionaire. :)

 See, they turned out cute. The bags I got at Walmart. I think they were 3 for $1. Then I have a circle stencil and a circle hole punch from my scrapbooking days that really helped out.

The other take home item instead of the pointy birthday hat is a froggie hat. I used poster board cut into strips and added eyes.

Pin the fly on the frog.
 I found a picture of a frog online. Then I copied it the best I can. (I'm totally impressed with myself, I am NOT an artist!) Then I found some free clip art flies from My Cute Graphics. I used my new computer skills to copy and color them and print them out. So each child has a different colored fly.

Lily Pad Walk (like cake walk)- 
Made from felt squares (4/$1 at Hobby Lobby). On the bottom right pad, that is the back of the pad. I have concrete floors, so I was afraid the kids would slip if they tried to take big steps on the pad. A previous year I had used tape and it pulled the stain off my floor. This year I added a rug "no slip" to the back of each lilly pad. This was an unexpected cost, but I didn't want them to get hurt or ruin my floor. 
I added a water lilly flower to only one lilly pad. Once the music stops and they are on the flower I will hand them their goodie bag. I plan to do this until each child gets their bag. Once all bags are in hand, we will go outside to do the pinata. Plus they already have bags ready for the candy.

This pinata (minus the candy) only cost me $2. $1 for each color of crepe paper and a free brown paper bag. I found directions to make it from this website and I have made one each year to save $20+ dollars.

Bean Bag Toss - Empty diaper box, construction paper, and bean bags... Tadaaa!!!

Ball Toss - 

I found these 2 beach balls online when I bought my paperplates and napkins. I think they were about $1.50 each. I plan to have 2 rows of kids (with parents in between since kids at age 4 can't catch and throw so well). Two lines like a relay team. First team to pass the ball to the end and back wins.


Then if was after the majority of the kids had left the party that I realized that I had a bag full of frog party blowers that I had completely forgotten about. I was so upset because I had spent time making these little guys. I took off the $1 store cardboard decoration piece and kept the red part, then made faces with fun foam.


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