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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Leaves Thematic Unit

Maybe this is hopeful thinking, but I just finished a new thematic unit on "Leaves". Right now in my little corner of Texas, the only leaves that the grasshoppers have not eaten, are the dead ones due to lack of rain. I have a feeling we won't have much color.
But, I felt inspired to go ahead and add this to the blog that way others can use the freebies I'm adding. I have not used it yet, but once I do I will add more pictures of it in progress. (I'm waiting for temps under 90 before we do this unit).

If you want my complete 45 pages of my unit you can purchase it from Teacher Notebook by clicking here.
Or you can purchase it from Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.

Now, if you want part of my unit for FREE you can click here for dropbox.
The FREEBIE includes 9 pages. (See below images).

A Bible Verse Page

A Fall Tic Tac Toe Game  (reviews the letter L, square shape, and number 3, and other fall items). The rest of the game is not pictured.

Leaf number ordering cards. I had my kids lay these out in order on the floor. When they were first learning I used a sentence strip (or long strip of construction paper) and wrote 1 2, 3, ....10 on it and they could look at that for help when they ordered them.

The last thing this freebie includes is a leaf number matching cards (1-10). Print on cardstock then cut them on the puzzle lines for kids to match.

I hope you enjoy my fall items. For more fun fall ideas click here for my fall Pinterest page.

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