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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Letter Y - Yummy

Trying to find a letter Y unit is hard. What kid wants to learn about yo-yo or yak? So we did "Yummy". My almost 4 year old is an eating machine. I opened a can of black olives while cooking and he helped himself to the can. Not normal. So figured yummy would be perfect.

Anyway, I forgot to take pictures of us working on this unit. Mostly it was him eating and doing things with the color yellow. We did rush through this unit a bit. I wanted to finish the alphabet so we can begin all the season related units (leaves, candy corn, pumpkins, Halloween. Then comes all the fun November stuff like Pilgrims and Turkeys). I love fall!! Plus I've been whipping up a ton of things for his upcoming Frog themed birthday. (New post to and pictures to follow on that topic). Did I also mention making Halloween costumes??  Or  putting a zillion fall/Halloween things on both sites??  BUSY!! Then somehow in the mix of things I am now on the PTL board. Oh boy!

Here is my Yummy Unit. If you want to see it at Teachers Pay Teachers click here. To see it at Teachers Notebook click here.

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