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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Themed Lessons

I was on a roll with my fall themed teaching items. Here are some of my things I have made so far. Once again, as I do these with my own children I will add more pictures and ideas. I thought I would let you know that these are out there in case you are a big prepper like me. I like to know what I'm doing and be prepared. :)

I decided to add another FREEBIE to my blog just for you. Otherwise, you can buy it at Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is a fun ABC Ordering Center. Included is a student direction page, a student recording sheet, and 30 different pumpkin cards with fall themed words.

For my FREE ABC Ordering Center click here for dropbox.

#1 Pumpkin Thematic Unit - 51 pages of ideas, websites, printables, centers, and more. Phew! That one was a lot of work to pull it all together for you!

The link to purchase this pumpkin unit click here for TPT  or here for TN

#2 Candy corn themed lessons for 3rd graders. It is a mix of centers and worksheets.
To purchase from TPT click here  and to purchase from TN click here. **** You may want to check out each place because I run sales at each place differently. 

Included are: 
Math Centers:
Candy Corn Rounding (Directions, Recording Sheet, & 24 Cards)
    -Math TEKS 3.5a/Common Core 3NBT.1 and 3.0A.8
Greater Than & Less Than (Directions, Recording Sheet, Candy Corn Symbols, and Answer Key)
    -Math TEKS 3.1b, 3.3a, 3.5ab/Common Core 3NBT.1, 3NBT2, 3.0A.8
Math Addition and subtraction Worksheet (Missing Numbers)
    -Math TEKS 3.3ab,3.14a-d/Common Core 3.NBT.2, 3.OA.8
Reading & Writing:
Candy Corn Graphic Organizer – for any story.
    -ELA TEKS 8a, 11, 22a-c, 23a-c, 31e/Common Core RI3.2, 3.3
Candy Corn Haiku Poem Worksheet
     -ELA TEKS 1b, 18b, 23a
Candy Corn ABC Order Center (Recording Sheet and 20 Cards)
   -ELA TEKS 4e

I have to pat myself on the back because even though Texas is not "common core" I looked up all the common core standards and added them. Adding common core and TEKS is a huge PAIN, so it won't happen often, but I was trying to help. :)

#3 Spiders - More Math and Reading themed activities, centers, and worksheets for 3rd graders.
To purchase from TPT click here and from TN click here.

Included in this set are:

Math Skills- Multiplying by 8s craftivity
Measuring in both centimeters and inches (with center printables & answer key)
Subtraction across zeros (center w/ answer key)

Language Arts- 4 Types of Sentences (worksheet w/ answer key)

Reading – Comparing and Contrasting (worksheet)

#4 Compound Words Pumpkin Literacy Center 

To purchase from TPT click here or from TN click here.


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