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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Watermelon Thematic Unit

With a summer coming to a quick end, I skipped ahead in our letter learning to do the letter W, so we could hit the theme of Watermelons.  Plus they are in season...shhh, don't tell anyone I skipped around in the alphabet). :)

 click here for watermelon unit

Watermelon Pie
Check out this link - it links to CTGC Pinterest board. I have two cute watermelon recipes to go along with this unit in my summer board. Click here.

This craft I loved doing. I saw 2 different letter w, watermelon activities when scouring the internet and I combined the two. I made the cute watermelon looking W as a visual reminder that Watermelon starts with W. Then I used his cute little fingerprints to make the seeds.

Here is another cute craft we made since we were studying "ovals". I cut a green oval, slightly smaller red oval, and lots of tiny black ovals.
  He then glued them as I instructed.
Tadaaa, a watermelon oval.

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