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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting Ready for School

As I get my first child ready for Kindergarten, all I think about is GERMS. I was the teacher that made my class wash their hands WITH SOAP before lunch. Yes... I would even do the smell check.
Kids are just plain gross and germy, then multiply that by 20.

To help combat the germs I came up with this little trick. My son does not like the little hand sanitizer gel, but he did grow up on the wipes and likes those better.
I was afraid he would throw away the package if it was just in with his lunch, so I invented this.

Supplies: 1 pkg of wipes (about $1.00 at Walmart), elastic strip, and super glue.
* I do NOT recommend hot glue, it will melt the inside of your lunchbox.

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