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Saturday, May 10, 2014

QR Codes and Multiplication Center

Technology sure has advanced in the 6 years since I have left teaching to be a stay at home mom.
I recently had been sick and eventually had surgery. With that I have not created any new things and I was really getting the "itch". So with my recovery time I taught myself how to create QR codes (that didn't link to the internet).
I made this cute Bee themed multiplication center.

It has 17 pages. Teacher directions page, student directions page, teacher answer key, student recording sheet (front and back), and 20 different multiplication questions. Each of the 20 multiplication cards has its own QR code for students to scan and self check their answers.

Students are able to choose 10 of the 20 cards. Some cards are easier multiplication questions such as 23x5 others are 723x7 and even a few that range into the thousands (ex: 2,435 x 5=). Students can choose cards they feel comfortable with and others can challenge themselves.

This is great for end of year 3rd grade or beginning 4th graders.

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