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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Tic Tac Toe Board for Centers

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching I wanted to share a fun way to do centers.

For this set of lessons click here.
Many moons ago, when I was teaching (or so it feels like many moons ago) I used a tic tac toe board similar to this one for my centers during Valentine's week. Since then I have updated it and improved on it. 

Students would get this board of 9 different activities.  (Notice it has a combination of math, reading, writing, crafts, etc). Students had to choose at least 3 activities in a  row to complete. Then they could do more for "bonus points"...but that was just me who liked to give bonus. 3 points added to a low grade can make a difference. :)

The kids loved these because they felt like they had such a choice in the matter. They didn't get these very often because they take more brain power and time.

Set up: What I would do is I would have 9 different file folders. Whatever supplies or copies they needed were in each folder. The front of each folder had a tic tac toe board and there was a smiley face, heart, star, or whatever symbol I chose in that certain spot on the board. 
For example: The supplies for the writing center were in a folder marked with a smiley face in the bottom right section.
*I would keep these 9 folders and reuse them each time I did a tic tac toe board center. 

I hope this gives you some idea of something different and creative to do for centers.

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