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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Countdown to Valentine's Day Activities

I pulled my Valentine file out today (2/6) to see what I needed to be getting ready for our upcoming lessons.  I pulled out this:
I realized I needed to get going. I made this last year, it is my "Countdown to Valentine's Day" pocket of activities. (Obviously, I was gung-ho last year. I had a bunch of strips). :)

What was on the strips? Easy and fun activities like:
* Read a valentine book  *Make a valentine wreath (paper plate with center cut out and construction paper hearts glued on it)   *Make cinnamon rolls in the shape of hearts   * Go on a treasure hunt for hearts in the house(I hid paper hearts)   * Make a Valentine for the grandparents   * Color a valentine coloring page  * etc.

Each day they pull the corresponding number and we do the listed activity. This gives us something to do together and it is free and simple.

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