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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ancient Egypt Thematic Unit - Letter E

I'm not sure what it was, but my 4 yr old must have seen something on TV that spurred on a bunch of questions about Egypt and the pyramids. This inspired me to get moving on my list of thematic units for him. (I'm really interested in this topic too...and it really was on my "to do" list).

Here is my thematic unit in full at my TPT store.

To get ready for this unit, I went to our local library and checked out the whole 2 books they had on the subject (have I mentioned how rural we are-I was thrilled we even HAD a library). ;)  While reading some of the facts my 5 year old REALLY got into the topic. Then as luck would have it, his Scholastic book fair is going on next week with the "Reading Oasis" theme. I'm sure his Kinder teacher thinks I must research these things so he knows a ton of facts ahead of time...but it was purely a coincidence. :)

Check out my Pinterest page, I have a whole board on Ancient Egypt ideas.

I printed off a coloring page from here. They colored the King Tut mask while I read them facts from the library book. (Sorry, I have no idea why it is turning sideways, but you get the idea. Check out the website anyway).

Included in my unit is a little book of facts I made.
Then of course, since I am at home with him and not a public school teacher right now, I was able to read to them the Bible story about Moses and the Pharaoh not letting them go. I really liked this youtube link to help them teach the song it had the best images to go along with it too. Plus I also plan to teach the 10 plagues. My Pinterest page has many crafts for the 10 plagues too.

Below they were creating Egyptian jewelry. I had planned to use gold paint, but it had dried up...so we improvised. :)

Painting a snake bracelet from a toilet paper tube.
Modeling their Egyptian jewelry.
Here are 3 of my letter E activities. He has an "e" in his name so he had this down pat. So we will quickly move on to other things.

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