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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Craft - Countdown Calendar Decoration

I thought I would post this craft I did a few years ago to count down the days until Christmas.

painting canvas
Modge Podge
christmas scrapbook paper
tin cans
glue & hot glue gun
decoration pieces

Basically, I cut and glued the layers of paper to the board then modge podged over it. I decorated the small tins (from the wedding section at your hobby/craft store) on the side and the clear lid so they can't see in.
Then I stuck Velcro to the squares and cans. I added a few embellishments (plastic snowflakes and presents- which are the tiny ornaments - I just cut off the strings). The each day they can open a tin with a little treat. I normally use a piece of candy, stickers, or a little note of something special.

This turned out really cute and the boys love it, but I had problems with the Velcro sticking to the board and the backs of the tins when you pull it off each day. I ended up super gluing the velcro to the back of the tins and then having to sew the Velcro to the board (this was hard).

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