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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Organizing out the wazooo

This coming school year I am so excited to be back in the traditional classroom...and of all things, 3rd grade! 3rd is my all time favorite. I'm crazy, I know.

I spent 3 days painting bookshelves and baseboards in my classroom. Then I got down to business of going through everything the previous 3rd grade teacher left me. Then I FINALLY was able to sort and organize. MY FAVORITE!!  Yes, I am type A personality, left brained, or a gold personality...take your pick!

I have to share with you the one person I am obsessed with. "Creative Clips" by Krista Wallden. She is the most amazing seller on TPT!! I used her FREE labels everywhere in my new classroom, and I mean everywhere!!

She has a zillion free items to download. Click here for the labels. :)

She has a blog and Facebook too!

Here are a few pictures of her art in my classroom. (Remember, my room is still a work in progress at the moment).

Here are the labels for my books bins. The white tubs on the top of my shelf are my reading centers (using her cute labels).

Here is a bad picture of my storage cabinet. I just love seeing my bins labeled! It makes me happy!!!

 And my math manipulatives, of course, are labeled.

I also made a job chart using her labels and all my stacking trays to store paper and turn in assignments are done with these labels. :) I'm a happy girl!

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