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Saturday, June 6, 2015

2015 VBS - Journey Off The Map

Since I now seem to have the title of "Bulletin Board Queen", I was put to work at our church for our promotional bulletin board for VBS. This is what I created for our church.

*I used strips of butcher paper scrunched up to make the border (my FAVORITE borders).
*I had to track down a gas station that sells maps to cut out the letters. BTW- Finding maps is much harder than I thought! I think craft stores have scrapbook paper that look like maps, but I leave 45mins from the nearest craft store.
*That bottom left corner is a file folder full of registration forms.
*The leaves - I saw a template of the leaves here.  I did not have the right stuff downloaded on my computer so I eyeballed the leaf and made my own.

I also have a board on Pinterest with my VBS pins if you are interested in more of what I have found so far.

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