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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dinoasurs Thematic Unit

 I recently created the Letter D- Dinosaurs unit and did those lessons with my 4 year old and some activities with my 6 yr old when he got home from kindergarten.
If you are interested in purchasing this unit you can find it here. It has 51 pages and it is much cheaper than my other units because dinosaurs are so common in the teaching world. It's a bargain!

Below are a few of the things we did with this lesson.

Here we used plastic dinosaurs from Walmart to make different footprints. The larger toys are much better as far a differentiated footprints than the really cheap bag of ones you can get from the dollar store.

Then since we were doing footprints we made a life sized footprint using newspapers to show the real size.
FYI- in doing research on dinosaurs I learned that the brontosaurus is no longer called that. It was found they used the wrong skull to the body. So now one that looks like a brontosaurus is called the apatosaurus.
Coloring pages
* Another great activity I did (that I forgot to take pictures of) was I took 5 different plastic easter eggs and put different weights in them. He then had to sort them from lightest to heaviest.

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