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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Teacher Classroom Set Up List - What to buy?

6 years ago I left teaching and 99% of all my stuff collected from 9 years of teaching, to stay home and raise my kids. Now that my kids are entering 1st grade and preschool. I was thinking about when I go back to teaching what will I have to buy. I don't have a job yet, but already it has kept me up a few nights making lists in my head of what I need to buy. It's mind boggling.

So here is my list of what to buy for a brand new elementary classroom (in no particular order):
*100 chart
*Job chart
*Bulletin Board borders & BB storage box
*Bulletin board letters
*Educational posters (science, grammar, etc topics)
*Privacy dividers (made from file folders- for spelling tests, etc)
*Plastic storage drawers - used by guided reading table
*Electric pencil sharpener
*Construction paper storage shelves
*Large IKEA boxes for centers with lids (4 for math centers & 4 for reading centers) fits folder & papers
*Small IKEA boxes for dice, card, flashcards, etc.
*Misc IKEA storage box
*A zillion dice
*Decks of cards
*Dry erase boards (made from shower board from Lowe's - edges taped)
*Dry erase markers & erasers
*Plastic storage bins from dollar store
*Prize box
*Candy jar
*Bathroom passes
*Indoor recess games (checkers, lego, etc)
*Educational bingo games
*Lesson Plan book
*Rules poster
*Schedule poster
*ABC lettering display poster
*Cute pads of paper for notes to kids/parents
*3 hole punch & 1 hole punch
*Small & large paperclips
*Teacher scissors x3
*Grading pens and regular pens (Uniball colored pens are my ALL time favorite grading pens!!)
*Milk crates
*Cardstock (white and colored)
*File folders
*In/out trays
*Name stamp (with teacher's name) Purchase a self inking one from Staples for about $15. Sooo worth it!
*Pink eraser
*Spiral notebook at least 3
*Folders x 5 (or more)
*Masking and scotch tape
*Duct tape
*Ticky tack
*EZ grader
*Stapler remover, 2 staplers, staples
*Desk name plates
*Science supplies (magnets, hand lens, etc)
*Divider trays for inside your teacher desk
*Ziplock bags of every size! Especially gallon
*Small bulletin board or magnet board by teacher desk
*Any other type of curtain, decorations, etc. to make it homey
*A zillion picture and chapter books
*Art supplies (glitter, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, etc)


  1. Thank you for this list! I'm making a master of things I need to get for the fall and this was so so helpful!

  2. Thank you so much I am excited for the next school year and I was at a lost for what to get