Friday, October 3, 2014

Homemade Halloween Costumes

My 4 yr old LOVES Paw Patrol!!! So it was only fitting that was what he wanted to be for Halloween. Since there was nothing pre-made for Paw Patrol (and I almost NEVER buy costumes) I set to work.
Marshall from Paw Patrol:

*Fireman's hat (already on hand)
*2 black felt squares (23¢ each at Walmart)
*1 white felt square (23¢)
*White t-shirt ($3.88 Walmart)
*Fun foam (I had it on hand, but at craft stores for less than $1)
*Yellow ribbon and flashlight (extra embellishments that I had on hand)
*Glue gun and 1 glue stick 
*Fat marks-a-lot black permanent marker
*Plastic badge from his Paw Patrol toy

Total Out of Pocket Cost: $8.71 plus tax
Shirt: White shirt drawn with black permanent marker. I suggest putting some old cardboard (or in my case a cut up trash bag box) inside it as you color so it won't bleed through.

Collar: Yellow ribbon and a plastic Marshall badge that came with one of his Paw Patrol toys.

For the hat.
Felt ears glue inside. Yellow ribbon around the outside. Small flashlight glued to ribbon. Fun foam badge on the front.

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